Afghans for soldiers


Afghans for Soldiers wants to thank you all for your help!!!

Thank you to all of you who have helped make "Afghans for Soldiers" so successful! There are so many soldiers who have been wounded while defending our nation. We have alot of work to do to make sure that every injured soldier gets a special afghan to thank him for his service. God Bless you all !!!

  •  Green Acres Bapitist Church (Women) of Tyler Texas yarn donation
  • Walmart US 41 Terre Haute, Indiana donations of yarn and other supplies
  • Walmart US 46 Terre Haute, Indiana  yarn and crochet supply donations.
  • Riverwools of Terre Haute, Indiana yarn donation.
  •  William J. Maher Lawfirm of Terre Haute, yarn donation.
  • Thank you to the Terre Haute Police Department for their donation.
  •  Ellis Lawfirm of Terre Haute for your donation
  • VFW Lawton Byrum Post 972 Terre Haute, IN. donation paid the shipping cost for the afghans for the Wounded Warriors of San Antonio, Texas.
  • Wabash Valley Central Labor Council donation it bought yarn for the special afghans.
  • Melissa Millis yarn donation helping with flyers and advertising
  • Jon Hensley yarn donation
  • Pete Patalas  yarn donation
  • Gary Bouslog yarn donation
  • Jack Youngs donation of yarn and shipping.
  • Trina Pennington yarn donation
  • Jack Bowman yarn and afghans donation and a printer
  • Big Lots of Tyler Texas donation of the 30 gallon tubs for yarn storage
  • Kim Sweitzer donating beautiful afghans
  • Nicole Jones  yarn donations
  • Edie Hubbard  help with crocheting and donations
  • Brenda Ebner thank you for your donations
  • John and Shirley Lage yarn donation
  • Mark Hill  yarn donation
  • Blanche and Kenny Warden yarn donation
  • Brandi Reed yarn donation
  • Amanda Henry donation
  • Eric Drake donation
  • Kevin Larimore donation
  • Thank you WTHI television  for bringing attention to Afghans for soldiers
  • Thank you WTWO television for bringing attention to Afghans for soldiers
  • Norma Travis yarn and crochet supply donation
  • Rhonda and David Rooker donations
  • Ellen Reeves yarn collection and other technical issues and solutions!
  • Bob Bowen Ford donation for yarn
  • Roy Youngs crocheting and flyer distribution 
  • Pat Long yarn and other art supplies
  • Violet Ditta, Kay Knuper, and Kathy McNamara a beautiful afghan
  • Steve Kesner Donation in MEMORY OF JARED GRAFFIS!!!
  • Julia Baker several afghans 
  • Jim Bishop and Lori Biehl donation
  • Ruby Collins donation
  • Tracey Martin crocheting
  • Deborah Ward crocheting
  • West Vigo Times donation
  • Deborah Eldridge
  • Veronica Wasilewicz beautiful afghans
  • Jane Townsend(ladies of Time Warner Cable) yarn crafts
  • Woody La Baume donation
  • Gail Thompson donation beautiful afghans
  • Betty Hensler and Don and Ethel Clark, yarn donation
  • Scott Leeman and family
  • Billie Free donation
  • Catherine Vallone baby afghans
  • Sandy Doty time and information help
  • June Woodall, yarn donation
  • Cheryl Montgomery helping with the yarn
  • Michael Watson help with shipping
  • Tamara Perkinson help with shipping
  • Friends of the Veterans
  • Troy Taylor for helping with shipping
  • The friends and family of Marie Dominguez (in her memory)
  • Sandra Cochran for crocheting beautiful baby afghans
  • Sylvia Alton for the yarn and supplies
  • Melissa Chapman and family
  • Hazel and the Sew Sigh Et Tea Home Economics and Sonshine Shop, thank you for the love gift!!
  • Phil Goodman and family
  • Mary Dukanauskas for the beautiful afghans
  • Angel and Christian Biehl and family
  • Gloria Edwards donation
  • Juanita Hensel donation
  • Mary Rawson donation
  • Patricia Orzo and Maria Neubert
  • Pat Neff
  • Missy Spieth and Maria Stein
  • Mitch Enyart
  • Trish Dawson
  • Marilyn Criley
  • Cheryl Montgomery
  • Wanita and Marion Stonebreaker
  • Judy Lawhead
  • Cheryl and Randy Norton
  • Mrs. Rose Dreyer
  • Sue Thompson
  • Debbie Perrone
  • Sheila Deloach 
  • John from Steadfast Transportation
  • Phyllis Barone
  • Sunni roberts

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The list above will be updated as the donations come in!! God Bless you all and thank you so much!!!!!!

Please help the list above grow~~

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